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Rainflow Bespoke Aluminium Wall Coping - Information and Installation Guide

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

This guide is for Rainflow coping only. For Skyline coping installation instructions see the download links below:

Download PDF • 6.50MB
Skyline Sloped Coping Installation Guide
Download PDF • 388KB

For a modern looking, low maintenance wall coping choose aluminium wall coping from Aluminium Rainflow. Our coping is made to order to fit your wall width giving a small overhang of 30mm on each side which allows the coping to clip onto the brackets and gives adequate space for an effective drip return.

aluminium parapet wall coping capping
Aluminium Parapet Wall Coping

Using aluminium coping to protect your parapet or perimeter wall offers a great looking alternative to coping stones. It is simple to install, screw down the brackets to 18mm marine ply (recommended) and clip the coping over the top.

Wall Coping Union Clip
Wall Coping Union Clip

This method means there are no visible fixings, just a clean line down your wall. You need to leave a 3-4mm thermal expansion gap between lengths and fittings (angles, stop ends etc), a painted union clip sits underneath the join with two EPDM rubber strips which prevents water ingress.

Aluminium Coping Fixing Bracket
Aluminium Coping Fixing Bracket

Further support is required at 1 metre intervals along lengths, this support is provided by the unpainted fixing brackets which have 1 strip of EPDM rubber.

The rubber strip on the fixing brackets enables a secure fit over the clip while eliminating any rattle you might expect from a metal coping system.

All required brackets are included with your order, extra union clips would only be required if you are cutting a length in half and planning on using both sections.

Aluminium Coping Upstand Stopend with Full Abutment
Aluminium Coping Upstand Stopend with Full Abutment

3 metre long coping lengths are supplied with 1 union clip and 2 fixing brackets. 2 metre lengths are supplied with 1 union clip and 1 fixing bracket, the 1 metre length is supplied with a union clip only.

Angles are supplied with a union clip and a corner fixing bracket. Securing the coping angles is achieved by using a half bracket at the external corner of the wall (fig. 6 below).

Closed stopends and abutment stopends are supplied with a union clip and a fixing bracket. The 75mm aluminium flashing surround on the upstand / abutment stopend is fixed to the wall with low modulus silicone sealant. If you require a different size/configuration of flashing surround we can quote for bespoke options.

Aluminium Wall Coping Installation Guide

Level coping is the most popular option, however sloping (once weathered) coping is also available. For sloping coping, raise the back edge of the union clips and fixing brackets using plywood packers or glazing shims (supplied by others).

Sloping Aluminium Coping Profie
Sloping Coping Profile

When fastening the brackets to the wall it is recommended to start at a corner, or if there is none, a stopend. Please note that the horizontal return on the underside of the brackets is to be positioned on the roofside. This horizontal section allows you to uninstall the coping by sliding the coping length off of the bracket.

To clip a section on, fit the outside lip onto the brackets at an angle and then pull the inside edge down. Apply pressure to the coping to clip it into place while compressing the EPDM seal. Repeat on the next section leaving a 3-4mm thermal expansion gap.

Aluminium is a soft metal so is easy to cut, we recommend a jigsaw with an

aluminium cutting blade or a circular saw with a fine tooth blade. Any cut edges must be

painted over with touch up paint to reseal the powder coating.

The powder coating finish is expected to last for around 30 years without any fading, it is important to paint over any scuffs or scratches that may occur during installation as they will greatly reduce the life expectancy of the powder coating if left unpainted.

Shop online for level aluminium coping and sloping aluminium coping or request a quote for non standard angles and T-sections or for joggle joint coping.

Aluminium coping


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