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Shipping Policy


All deliveries must be checked prior to signing as if signed for in good condition we will not be able to initiate a claim against the courier on your behalf. If the driver is unwilling to wait then cross out "good condition" and write "unchecked". 

Make a note on the drivers paperwork if there is any visible damage to the packaging.

Any shortages or damages must be reported in writing within 24 hours of delivery for any replacements to be made.



While every endeavour will be made to achieve the delivery date we will provide you with, there are, on occasion, unforeseen events that occur that can delay your order. This could be due to a machine malfunction in production, which would give us time to forewarn you of a potential delay. It could be due to vehicle breakdown on the day of delivery which we would inform you about asap. 

Aluminium Rainflow cannot be held financially responsible for any deviation from the quoted due date. 

We cannot offer compensation for lost working hours or additional scaffolding charges or any other costs you may incur from a delayed delivery. 

Accepting the delivery:

If when delivering on the quoted due date there is no-one available to sign for the delivery any re-delivery charge incurred by Aluminium Rainflow will need to be paid for prior to the re-delivery being made.

Deliveries on parcel carriers do not usually incur a re-delivery charge, however pallet deliveries do, and they can be considerably more than the carriage charge you have paid as Aluminium Rainflow subsidise the cost of the initial delivery.

If your order will be delivered on a pallet it will need to be unloaded by hand from the delivery vehicle unless you have offloading equipment on site, the driver may not be able to assist so someone will need to be at the delivery address to unload the goods. You will be advised if your order will be delivered on a pallet when your delivery date is confirmed with you.

Delivery Confirmation:

You will be emailed with a confirmed delivery date. If the advised date is not convenient, it can be rescheduled for delivery at a later date or to a different address as long as 48 hours notice is provided. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday 0830-1730.

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