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Black aluminium guttering

Onyx Gutters and Downpipes

Available in a smooth black powder coated finish, we are able to offer a robust, long lasting and economical choice for new build, renovation, or developments in just 5-10 working days.

All orders for Onyx products come with a free of charge tin of black touch up paint allowing you to paint over any cut ends.

Choose from two gutter profiles, a direct fix half round or a moulded ogee, and combine them with the 75mm round swaged downpipe.

Onyx gutters are available in black at a great price. Not looking for black? Explore Rainflow aluminium gutters.

Onyx SL Half Round Gutter

Extruded Aluminium

This unique 125mm half round profile has a flat back allowing you to directly fix the gutter to your fascia board without the need for expensive brackets. The clip fit internal unions allow a simple installation without nuts and bolts.

Explore our online store for the full range of gutter fittings and accessories.

Black half round aluminium guttering
Onyx Profiles
Black moulded ogee aluminium guttering

Onyx SL Moulded Ogee Gutter

Extruded Aluminium

A 125x100mm moulded ogee profile - Like the half round gutter, this profile is also directly fixed to your fascia board through the back of the gutter and has a clip fit union allowing a simple nut and bolt free installation.

Explore our online store for the full range of gutter fittings and accessories.

Onyx SL Swaged Downpipe

Extruded Aluminium

This 75mm round swaged downpipe is compatible with both the Onyx SL gutter profiles so you can order safe in the knowledge that everything that gets delivered will connect together without any issue.

Shop online for aluminium branches, bends, offsets, and more.

Black swaged aluminium downpipe
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