Rainflow Bespoke Sloping Aluminium Coping

  • Made to fit your wall - Sizes in 10mm increments reducing coping overhang on each side

  • Simple to install - Clip on system

  • No visible fixings

  • Retains clean lines while achieving a water tight seal over your wall

  • Lightweight

  • Expected lifespan of around 30 years with minimal maintenance

  • 2mm aluminium for up to 450mm wall widths

  • 3mm aluminium for 460mm wall widths and above


The aluminium coping width will be 60mm wider than your selected wall width to allow the coping to clip onto the fixing brackets which are included with every length, angle and stopend.


Choose your wall width from the size ranges below to purchase online

You can select your wall width in 10mm increments within each size range. 

sloping aluminium coping basic image