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Aluminium Coping

The Ultimate Protection

Aluminium wall coping is the definitive solution for shielding the tops of walls from environmental damage. Specifically designed to prevent water penetration, our aluminium coping systems cap parapet and freestanding walls, redirecting rainwater away and safeguarding the structural integrity of your buildings.

With sleek design matched by unparalleled functionality, the coping we offer provides a watertight barrier against the elements, thanks to the secret fix brackets. These innovative fixtures not only secure a perfect fit but also ensure a clean, contemporary finish with no visible fixings.

Whether you're aiming to preserve the aesthetic of a new build or extend the lifespan of an existing structure, these aluminium coping systems deliver. They are corrosion-resistant, virtually maintenance-free, and tailored to meet both the practical and aesthetic requirements of modern architecture.

Explore the options below.

Skyline Coping


Skyline aluminium coping made by Alumasc is available to purchase in width increments of 30mm in both level and sloping configurations.

This quality aluminium coping is offered at a great price to suit most budgets. It is available in 1, 2, or 3 metre lengths allowing you to order with minimal waste. The fittings available include a 90° angle, a closed stopend and an upstand stopend.

We understand that time is of the essence, which is why we offer a selection of items that are available in just 5 working days for wall widths of 271-420mm.

The innovative fixing straps which come with the Skyline sloping coping removes the need to create the slope on site which saves time and money.

The BBA approved powder coating is available in over 25 colour options, see the colours section in the main menu for more information.

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Rainflow Bespoke Coping


Rainflow bespoke aluminium coping is available to purchase in width increments of 10mm in both level and sloping configurations allowing you to achieve a minimal coping overhang.

In the level coping there are a number of bespoke fittings available including handed upstand stopends and reducing corners.

The powder coating is available in 14 colour options, see the colours section in the main menu for more information.

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