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What is Joggle Joint Aluminium Coping?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

If you have a pitched roof you need joggle joint aluminium coping to ensure a watertight seal.

Aluminium Raked Wall Coping
Joggle Joint Aluminium Coping

How is joggle joint coping different to level coping?

Standard level coping is clipped onto a union clip which compresses an epdm rubber strip to provide a watertight seal in the 3-4mm expansion gap between butt ends.

Aluminium Raked Coping Detail
Joggle Joint Aluminium Coping Detail

Aluminium coping on an incline will have to deal with an increase in water flow as the rainwater flows down the length towards the expansion gap between sections. This problem is overcome with our joggle joint coping which has a union in a similar style to our joggle box gutter. The built in union allows the coping to interlock with each other providing a continuous run for rainwater to flow down without risk of water flowing into an open join.

We can quote for joggle joint aluminium coping from a sketch showing your wall width, length, and the angle of your slope, email to receive a fully itemised quotation.

You can browse our online store to purchase our standard aluminium coping.


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