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Aluminium Fascia Information and Installation

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Aluminium Fascia gives an attractive modern looking finish to the eaves of any property. With an expected lifespan of 30 years (lower for coastal areas) powder coated aluminium offers a low maintenance, long life solution for the protection of your wooden fascia boards.

Aluminium Fascia and Soffit
Aluminium Fascia and Soffit

We offer 3 different fascia profiles from our online store, however we can quote for almost any profile you require, just send us a sketch of your requirements and we will return a fully itemised quote.

Aluminium fascia apex angle and box end

We can also quote for apex angles,all we need to know is the angle you need them fabricating to.

Box ends are another tricky item to offer online, what angle are your bargeboards set at? Are your bargeboards the same depth as your fascia? Because of these variables we can only quote for a box end from a sketch.


Fix fascia lengths to support structure using suitable fixings, for timber use (No. 10 or 12) x (35-38mm) stainless steel wood screws (or good quality sheradised, zinc plated, or cadmium plated) through slotted holes (made on site minimum 11 x 7mm or oversized 8mm diameter hole) to allow for thermal expansion to take place.

Fixings are required at least 300mm from the end of a 3 metre length and at 600mm maximum centres.

Secure the union piece (supplied with every length and angle) behind the fascia with low modulus silicone sealant leaving a 3-4mm thermal expansion gap between the next section.

Paint over cut ends with touch up paint to prevent the powder coating from peeling back.

Explore our standard range of aluminium fascia in our online store or get a quote for a bespoke system by emailing


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