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Spotlight on Skyline Aluminium Coping

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Skyline aluminium coping in 5 colours

In the realm of modern architectural excellence, Skyline Aluminium Coping stands out as a paragon of innovation, functionality, and style. But what makes Skyline Coping the go-to choice for architects and builders? Let’s delve into the unique features and benefits that this remarkable product brings to the table.

What is Skyline Aluminium Coping?

Skyline Coping offers a reliable system for capping upstand parapets, suitable for both flat and pitched roofs. It is specifically designed to protect parapet walls, providing a secure and weatherproof finish. The strap fixing technique utilized ensures there's no penetration of the capping, enabling ventilation over the wall top. Perfectly tailored for both retrofit and new construction projects, its versatility is truly commendable.

A Result of Mastery and Innovation

Skyline Architectural Aluminium is a testament to years of profound experience, technical acumen, and ceaseless product innovation. Manufactured exclusively in the UK by Alumasc, every piece arrives on-site, ready for installation. This precision-crafted product is backed by the expert guidance of seasoned technical teams, always on standby to offer advice and support.

Exceptional Features and Performance

  • Durability and Strength: Skyline Coping has undergone independent testing under intense wind loads and proved its mettle by meeting the required 6kPa (220mph) standard under static load conditions. The fixing straps and material thickness confer upon it unparalleled rigidity.

  • Design Excellence: No visible fixings mar the surface, providing a clean and polished appearance. Designed with a 3–4mm gap for thermal expansion, it ensures durability across temperature fluctuations.

  • Sustainability: Aluminium's recyclability aligns with eco-friendly principles, with Skyline Coping boasting a life expectancy of up to 40 years in rural/suburban settings and 25 years in industrial/marine environments.

  • Ease of Installation: Skyline Coping simplifies the installation process. In many scenarios, fixing can be executed from the roof, eliminating the need for external access and making it ideal for renovation tasks.

Installed skyline aluminium coping at a school

Diverse Range and Customization

Skyline Coping comes in two primary forms - flat and sloping. The sloping variant directs rainwater back onto the roof, ensuring efficient drainage. Both styles are available in varying widths to accommodate different wall dimensions.

For those with unique requirements, Skyline presents the opportunity for bespoke solutions. Whether it's radius coping, inclined angles, transition angles, or even fully custom solutions, Skyline Coping can be tailored to meet the most challenging architectural demands.

A Palette of Colours and Finishes

Beyond functionality, Skyline Coping offers aesthetic versatility. With BBA-approved polyester powder coatings in over 25 in-house applied shades and the provision to order any BS or RAL colour, it caters to diverse aesthetic preferences.

Get it Fast!

A 5 working day delivery lead time is available for Skyline level wall coping for wall widths of 271mm to 420mm in any of the standard Skyline colours!

In Conclusion

Skyline Aluminium Coping is not just another addition to a building. It's a statement of quality, style, and architectural brilliance. As the world of construction continually evolves, products like Skyline Coping pave the way for a fusion of functionality and design aesthetics. If you’re in the pursuit of parapet perfection, Skyline Aluminium Coping is the answer.

Installed radius skyline aluminium coping


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