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Aluminium Clip Fit Gutter - Information and Installation *Updated for New Union Clip Design 2019*

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Aluminium Clip Fit Gutter
Aluminium Clip Fit Gutter

Clip-fit Beaded Half Round Gutters from Aluminium Rainflow are formed from extruded aluminium in 112mm, and 125mm, and 150mm and is supplied with a complete range of accessories including angles, outlets, stopends and fascia brackets. True and faceted radius gutters are also available.


Beaded Half Round Gutters have fascia brackets which are set out at 750mm maximum centres no further than 375mm from a joint, allow one additional bracket per fitting. The fascia brackets should be set out to any predetermined fall taking note of the position of any fittings such as outlets and angles beforehand, brackets should be fixed using 5mm x 25mm stainless steel countersunk screws (dependant on substrate). See Fig 1.

Rafter brackets are also available whose centres may be governed by the roof timbers. Rise & fall brackets driven into the masonry are recommended to be at 600mm maximum centres.


Aluminium has a coefficient of expansion equal to 0.00002348mm per °C on average, this equates to just over 1.4mm per metre on a temperature range of -20°C to +40°C. Typically a 3mm to 4mm expansion gap between the ends of the gutter sections is Advisable.

A low viscosity silicone sealant is required for jointing and it is essential that this or a direct equivalent is used to seal the joints as this will ensure a strong mechanical bond that withstands the forces associated with thermal movement. It is important to observe the sealant manufacturers guidelines concerning application & curing during cold or damp weather conditions & that before assembling the joint all surfaces are clean & free from grease, acetone applied with a soft cloth & wiped dry is recommended.

Beaded Half Round gutters have loose internal union connectors that clip into recesses in the gutter extrusion. Offer the union into position. With the back edge in the locking position, pivot the union in to position by carefully pressing in to the sealant and clipping the front edge into place.

Fill each union sealant channel with the low viscosity sealant through the inlet holes at the base of the union. Stop when the sealant begins to show at the overflow holes at the top of the union. Tool off any excess. See Fig 2.

Explore our online store for half round aluminium clip fit gutters and complete the look with compatible aluminium downpipes.


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