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The Benefits of Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies from Alumasc

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Skyline aluminium door canopy installed on a white rendered house

Alumasc has been a leader in the industry for more than 50 years, providing product solutions that cover all aspects of the building roofline and façade. Alumasc’s Architectural Aluminium brand is a name that has become synonymous with quality design, cutting-edge innovation, and outstanding performance. One of their standout offerings is the Skyline Door Canopy which is designed to blend practicality, aesthetic appeal, and durability.

We will explore the numerous benefits of Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies, including their ease of installation, aesthetic value, functionality, low maintenance requirements, customisation options, and safety features. Whether you are embarking on a new building project or looking to retrofit existing structures, this post will provide you with all the information you need to understand why Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies are an excellent investment.

Ease of Installation

One of the most appealing features of Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies is their ease of installation. Let's face it, time is a valuable commodity in any construction or renovation project, and a complicated installation process can lead to delays and added costs. With Skyline Door Canopies, you sidestep such concerns due to their straightforward assembly and mounting procedures. Download the Skyline Aluminium Door Canopy installation guide below:

Canopies Installation Guide
Download PDF • 381KB

Modular Design

An outstanding characteristic of these canopies is their modular design, which not only simplifies the installation process but also adds a level of versatility that is not commonly found in similar products. This design feature allows for Skyline Canopies to be linked together in parallel using a jointer strip, giving you the ability to span larger door openings or even extended outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking to provide cover for single doorways, double doors, or even entire pathways beside a building, Skyline's modular system can accommodate your needs.

aluminium door canopies with cutaway showing support brackets

This flexibility is particularly useful in larger schemes where design continuity across varying door openings is a requirement. The cantilever bracket design also facilitates direct fixing to most facades, adding another layer of convenience to the installation process.

In summary, the ease of installation and modular design of Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies are significant benefits that can save you both time and money, while also providing the flexibility to adapt to various architectural needs. With these advantages, it's easy to see why Skyline Door Canopies are a favourite among designers, architects, and property owners alike.

Aesthetic Appeal

While practical considerations are crucial, the aesthetic component of any architectural feature should never be overlooked. This is where Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies truly shine. Designed with both form and function in mind, these canopies offer a range of visual benefits that can greatly enhance the exterior of any building.

Sleek Design Features

One of the most striking design elements is the slim 90mm front edge featured in the CA90 range. This refined detail adds a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, providing clean, unobtrusive lines that can easily complement various architectural styles. The slim profile not only ensures that the canopy doesn't overwhelm the space it occupies but also enhances its overall visual appeal, allowing it to integrate seamlessly with modern and traditional facades alike.

Visual Interest, Variety, and Colour

Skyline aluminium canopies in 4 different colours

In addition to its sleek design, Skyline Door Canopies also bring a splash of colour and variety to building exteriors. With a choice of over 25 standard colours—thanks to Alumasc’s in-house, BBA-approved powder coating facility—you're not limited to just a handful of options. Custom colours are also available, so you can match or contrast the canopy with the existing palette of your building. This wide range of colours and the ability to customise gives designers and property owners the freedom to create a visually cohesive or strikingly unique look.

Moreover, the canopies can add layers of visual interest to an otherwise flat façade. Their modular design, which can span various widths and can be linked together, offers the opportunity to introduce architectural variety. This is particularly beneficial for larger projects where you'd want a consistent yet varied aesthetic across multiple doorways or entrances.

The aesthetic appeal of Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies extends well beyond their functional attributes. They offer a harmonious blend of sleek design features and a myriad of colour options, elevating them from mere protective coverings to architectural enhancements that can significantly boost the curb appeal of any building.

Practical Functionality

While the aesthetic features of Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies are certainly captivating, their practical functionality is equally impressive. These canopies have been meticulously engineered to not just look good, but to also perform exceptionally well in a variety of conditions and applications.

Integral Upstand and Water Direction

A well-thought-out feature of the Skyline Canopy, particularly in the CA90 range, is the integral upstand for flashing. This detail ensures that there's a seamless interface between the canopy and the wall, providing extra protection against water ingress. The upstand is ready to accept flashing without the need for any additional adaptors or pieces, making the installation process even more straightforward.

Another commendable attribute is the canopy’s fall that directs water to the front edge. This design helps in efficiently managing rainwater runoff, guiding it away from the building and its occupants. By directing water to the front edge, the risk of water damage to the façade or seepage into the building is substantially reduced.

Versatility in Width and Applications

Installed skyline aluminium canopy in agate grey

Skyline Door Canopies come in a range of widths, specifically 1m, 1.5m, 2m, and 2.5m, and can also be custom-made to order. This variety offers a high degree of flexibility to cater to different door openings, whether they are single doors, double doors, or even doors with side panels. Additionally, these canopies can be linked in parallel using a jointer strip to create a greater continuous length of cover, making them perfect for use in a range of applications like covering pathways or large bifold door openings.

The adaptability in size and configuration ensures that these canopies can be applied in various settings, from domestic residences to commercial buildings. Whether you are seeking to provide shelter above a typical house entrance or looking for a more expansive cover for a commercial façade, Skyline has a solution that fits.

The practical functionality of Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies goes hand-in-hand with their aesthetic appeal. Their well-engineered features such as the integral upstand for flashing and the smart water direction design make them a reliable and efficient choice. Coupled with the availability in various widths and the potential for different applications, these canopies offer a truly versatile solution for any building project.

Low Maintenance & Longevity

Investing in a quality architectural feature involves more than just initial costs; the long-term maintenance and durability are equally important factors to consider. When it comes to Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies, the commitment to quality materials and manufacturing processes ensures that you're investing in a product designed for longevity with minimal upkeep.

Robust Material and BBA-Approved Coating

One of the standout features of these canopies is their construction from high-quality aluminium sheeting. Aluminium is not only lightweight but also incredibly robust, resistant to rusting, and inherently a clean material that won’t leave unsightly marks often associated with other materials. These properties make it a perfect candidate for outdoor architectural features that are exposed to the elements.

Further adding to its durability is the BBA-approved powder coating process. Conducted in Alumasc’s in-house facility, this coating is available in over 25 standard colours and enhances the material's resistance to weathering, chipping, and fading. The BBA certification offers an added layer of assurance in the product's quality, attesting to its longevity and low maintenance requirements.

skyline aluminium door canopies in 5 different colours

Lifetime Value

Given the robust nature of the aluminium and the durability of the powder coating, Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies require minimal maintenance, saving you both time and money in the long term. Occasional cleaning to remove dirt and debris is generally all that's needed to keep them looking like new. In terms of lifetime value, this translates to an architectural feature that not only enhances your property's curb appeal but also stands the test of time.

Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies offer exceptional longevity and low maintenance, thanks to their robust material and BBA-approved powder coating. These features make them a cost-effective solution, offering excellent lifetime value for both residential and commercial applications. By investing in these canopies, you're choosing a product that will continue to perform and look great for years to come, with the added benefit of minimal upkeep.

Customisation Options

Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies offer a host of customisation options, ensuring that your canopy not only serves its practical purpose but also aligns perfectly with your specific aesthetic and functional requirements.

Range of Colours

One of the standout features that allow for customisation is the extensive range of colours available. Alumasc’s in-house, BBA-approved powder coating facility provides a choice of over 25 standard colours. But the options don't stop there; any BS or RAL colour can be custom-ordered, enabling complete control over the visual aspect of your canopy. Whether you are aiming for a classic, understated look or a vibrant, eye-catching façade, Skyline has the colour options to make your vision a reality.

Lighting Capabilities

close up shot of an installed spotlight on an aluminium door canopy

Another exciting aspect of customisation with Skyline Door Canopies is the design allowance for lighting. The canopies can be fitted with recessed spotlights or surface-mounted lights, turning the area beneath the canopy into a well-lit and inviting space. Not only does this add a functional layer of visibility and safety, but it also brings an added level of sophistication to the building’s exterior. The design of the canopy includes easy access for wiring, simplifying the installation process and seamlessly integrating the lighting elements.

The customisation options available with Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies go well beyond what is commonly offered in the market. The broad palette of colours and the ability to integrate lighting solutions give property owners, architects, and designers unparalleled flexibility. Whether you are coordinating with an existing design scheme or planning a new build, the Skyline range allows you to customise your canopy to meet your specific needs in both form and function.

Safety Features

In today's construction landscape, safety is paramount. For this reason, Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies not only excel in terms of design and functionality but also set a high benchmark when it comes to safety features.

Fire Rating

A fire safety logo embossed on aluminium

One of the most significant safety attributes of these canopies is their fire rating. The solid aluminium sheeting used in their construction is classified as non-combustible, providing an inherent layer of fire safety. Furthermore, the powder coatings, specifically the Interpon D1000 and D2000 series, have been rigorously tested to BS476, parts 6 & 7, and have been deemed to meet the criteria for class 0 building regulation approval. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that you're installing a product that adheres to stringent fire safety standards.

Environmental Benefits

In an age where sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of building and design choices, Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies offer an eco-friendly alternative without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Aluminium as an Eco-Friendly Material

3d recycling logo made from aluminium on a green background

Aluminium stands out as an environmentally friendly material for several reasons. Firstly, it is highly recyclable; it can be melted down and reused multiple times without losing its essential properties. This makes aluminium a highly sustainable choice compared to other materials that degrade over time or end up in landfills. Secondly, the lightweight nature of aluminium means less energy is required in its transportation, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Longevity and Lack of Rusting

Another environmental advantage of using aluminium is its inherent resistance to rust, a common issue with other metals like steel. This not only has aesthetic benefits but also contributes to the material's long lifespan, reducing the need for replacement and thereby limiting waste. A long-lasting product is, by its very nature, a more sustainable choice, as it reduces the frequency of manufacturing, transport, and installation—all of which have environmental impacts.

The environmentally friendly aspects of Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies extend from the material choice to the longevity of the product. The use of aluminium not only makes these canopies a sustainable choice but also adds to their long-term value, offering an eco-friendly solution that does not skimp on quality, safety, or visual appeal. Whether you are an environmentally conscious homeowner or a developer aiming for sustainability credentials, Skyline Door Canopies are a choice that aligns with today's ecological goals.


Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies stand as a testament to Alumasc's dedication to quality, innovation, and performance. With their easy installation, aesthetic appeal, and robust design, these canopies offer a well-rounded package that ticks all the boxes for both functionality and style.

Major Benefits Summarised

  • Ease of Installation: The modular design and simple installation process make Skyline canopies a hassle-free choice.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: With sleek design features like the slim 90mm front edge in the CA90 range and a wide array of colour options, these canopies enhance the visual appeal of any building façade.

  • Practical Functionality: The canopies offer practical features like an integral upstand for flashing and a design that directs water away from the building.

  • Low Maintenance and Longevity: Constructed from high-quality, non-combustible aluminium with a BBA-approved powder coating, these canopies are built to last with minimal upkeep.

  • Customisation: A variety of standard and custom colours, as well as the ability to incorporate lighting, make these canopies highly adaptable to individual needs.

  • Safety Features: Non combustible aluminium makes these canopies a secure choice.

  • Environmental Benefits: The use of recyclable, long-lasting aluminium aligns with sustainability goals, offering an eco-friendly solution.

The Perfect Choice

Whether you are embarking on a new build project or looking to retrofit an existing structure, a Skyline Aluminium Door Canopy is a wise investment. They offer a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, practical utility, and long-term value, making them a superior choice for any building application.

In a marketplace where choices abound, Skyline Aluminium Door Canopies distinguish themselves through their unmatched quality, safety features, and flexibility, solidifying their place as an excellent investment for both residential and commercial spaces.

Whether you're in the planning stages of a new building project or looking to enhance an existing structure, our range of canopies offers something for everyone.

modern house with white render and wooden panelling finished with anthracite grey aluminium trims


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